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Method of binding ELIS, Modx64 + Working key

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   All greetings that didn't write that I noob and any crack wasn't, has decided to lay out to you a method of a binding of libraries ELIS, Modx64.
For certain it seemed to All of you that to grunt it not probably, but all has appeared very much and very simply.
All remember about an old method of a binding old versions dVamp, 1.6 mb? And so, Damper and Hardware Fingerprint Bruteforce is required to us.
Now the description of actions:
1. We launch L2server.exe and in a window of input key we is visible HWID.
2. Now we launch dumper.exe (it is launched only on x64 systems) and it is checked HWID received on-means dump with what has shown to us L2server, they should be equal!
!!!!translator.exe we put in a folder with a file dump.dat!!!!
3. We launch translator.exe
In the first window to you will show your leaking Fingerprint, you need to enter into the second window Fingerprint which needs to be received, further we push start and search of names for the computer will begin. After the computer the suitable name, the button will pick up start will be unblocked and in the third window we will receive a certain code which it will be necessary to use in quality a name for the computer.
4. We launch "My computer> Properties> Computer name> to Change" and we specify vessels character set which to us has produced Figerprint Bruteforce.
After that we reboot and at start L2server.exe we enter a key.
Working key:
HWID: 8AD1-02C1
Name: lineage2.pro
Key: 000016-965WY2-6HVBWP-6JRY7G-2ZABET-D1FNQK-0Z2HFW-TD1T3D-6625ZB-C5JV5M
Прикрепленный файл  (la2base.ru) dumper.zip   454,3К   20 скачиваний

Всем хорошего настроения! : )


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