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StarCraft 2 heart of the swarm

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StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes (PC)




Press ENTER to bring up the console. Enter the following codes for the desired effect. Warning: Entering cheat codes disables Achievements until you start a new game OR lode an earlier save.


terribleterribledamage — God Mode


moredotsmoredots — Free Units (no resources needed)


realmendrilldeep — 5,000 Gas


whysoserious — 5,000,000 Credits


jaynestown — Resources granted


tyuhasleftthegame — Disable victory conditions


sosayweall — Disable tech requirements


eyeofsauron — Open cutscene menu


iamironman — Upgrade Weapons, Armor and Shields by 1


overengineeredcodpiece — Plays the Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain (Blizzard employee band) song "Terran up the Night"


hanshotfirst — Disable Ability Cooldown


stroaksmolts — 5,000 Minerals


smoldersbolds — 5,000 Minerals and Gas


ypoonsvoicemail — Disable defeat conditions


mintmansoperator — Disable food requirements


nevergiveupneversurrender — Disable defeat conditions


reversingnazaire/basestarsprimative — Fast building


fsbcomunicacion — Fast Heal


sawnoutofmemory — Fog of War disabled


cadeasygoin — Lose the current game


lyingpect — Mission Select


furabranchery — Opensthe UNN broadcast menu


wapboinkers — Research points


cmethodfeedback — Win current game


qrotero — Disable time of day


dzmhairspring — 5000 Custom resources


= — Re-enter the last cheat

Любой каприз за Ваши деньги. Чем больше каприз тем дороже стоит.




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Прошёл на днях все части, от нечего делать.


P.S. moredotsmoredots и terribleterribledamage - спасают ситуацию :D


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